Not for the faint-hearted or the small of appetite, food challenges appeal to both insatiable foodies who can’t get enough of delicious nosh, and adrenaline seekers hoping to challenge themselves. Singapore’s status as a global food capital makes it a great place to test the limits of your appetite on a diverse range of international cuisine.

Here’s our guide to the most delicious food challenges you’ll be able to find in the Lion City. Grab a seat, loosen that belt buckle and prepare to be served.

Lau Pa Sat Satay Challenge
Sticks of satay, onions, ketupats on a plate with satay sauce by the side

Satay is a much-beloved hawker staple that’s an iconic part of Singapore’s food landscape. The dish consists of seasoned, grilled skewered meat, with savoury peanut sauce on the side.

Satay is often served as a sharing dish, but the good folks manning Lau Pa Sat Stall 8 have turned this delicious dish into the main event for those hankering for a protein fix. This granddaddy of Singaporean food challenges has diners competing to down as many sticks of satay as possible within a 20-minute time frame. Beat the 2017 high score of 150 sticks and your satay feast is free.

Price: S$0.70 per satay stick

Lau Pa Sat Stall 8 at Lau Pa Sat Market. 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582.
Mon-Fri 7pm-1am; Sat & Sun 3pm-1am.

The Beast Burger Challenge
The signature Beast Burger served on a wooden tray with fries by the side

A bar and restaurant that serves up both American comfort food and a range of craft beers, The Beast Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar is located just a minute’s walk from the hipster enclave of Haji Lane, in bustling Kampong Gelam. Signature dishes here include Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles, Mac and Cheese, and Country Fried Steak.

As daunting as its name suggests, this establishment’s food challenge consists of a three-kilogram burger, which contains a farm’s worth of assorted meats, including a beef patty, pulled pork and southern buttermilk fried chicken, packed within a nine-inch bun.

Intrepid diners have an hour to test the limits of their appetite and down this behemoth of a burger. Victors walk away with a free T-shirt, a place on the restaurant’s wall of fame, and a waiver of the burger’s price.

Price: S$125

The Beast Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar. 17 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199329. +65 6295 0017.
Mon-Wed 5pm-midnight; Thu & Fri 5pm-1am; Sat & Sun 11am-midnight.

Pho King Challenge

Oodles of noodles await you at Lang Nuong Vietnam, a restaurant that specialises in a range of Vietnamese street food and barbecued delights.

The establishment’s Pho King Challenge consists of one massive bowl of pho, filled to the brim with one-and-a-half kilograms of noodles, 500 grams of beef, 100 grams of herbs and vegetables and 1.9 litres of beef broth. Challengers who down this gigantic dish in less than 30 minutes will get the meal free, as well as plaudits on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

For visitors craving regular-sized—but equally delicious—meals, the restaurant also serves up Vietnamese street food classics like goi cuon (spring rolls), bahn flan (Vietnamese crème caramel) and pho (Vietnamese rice noodles in broth).

Price: S$39.90

Lang Nuong Vietnam. 18 Foch Road, Singapore 209260. +65 9235 3548.
Daily noon-11pm.

Xiang Ji’s 3kg Mega Chicken Rice Challenge
Plate of Xiang Ji’s 3kg chicken rice on a weighing scale

Quite possibly Singapore’s most iconic dish, chicken rice consists of succulent chicken, rice cooked in chicken stock and a dipping sauce of red chilli and garlic. 289 Xiang Ji Roasted Delights serves up this hawker staple alongside other classics like roasted duck and char siew (barbequed pork belly).

This hawker stall’s 3kg Mega Chicken Rice turns a beloved dish into a delicious ordeal, with a two-kilogram mountain of rice topped with approximately 800 grams of tender, roasted chicken. Competitive eater Joey Chestnut managed to down this mammoth dish in 15 minutes and 24 seconds, but if that sounds like more you can chew, just be sure to polish your meal off under 40 minutes. You’ll get the meal for free, alongside a ton of bragging rights.

Price: S$28

289 Xiang Ji Roasted Delights. Block 289A Bukit Batok Street 25, Singapore 657289. +65 9792 4946.
Daily 8am-5pm

Lagnaa Spicy Challenge
Platter of six types of curry and gravy from Lagnaa

This one’s for all you daredevils who’re craving for heat to beat. This Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant boasts a range of delicious curries and masala (spicy gravy), ranked from 1 to 10 in order of spiciness.

Curries are customised to your tolerance for spiciness, but chilli fiends should take on Lagnaa’s Level 6 ‘I Dare You’ Curry Challenge. It’s a trial that’s bound to have you sweating buckets, but those who conquer this challenge will get mad props, with their names being recorded on the restaurant’s hall of fame and a standing invitation to Level 7.

Spice lovers looking to up the ante and win a meal on the house can have a go at curries that range from Level 7 to 10. This stage of the challenge is only available on days of the full moon so keep your eyes peeled!

Price: Varies depending on dishes ordered

Lagnaa Bare Foot Dining. 6 Upper Dickson Road, Singapore 207466. +65 6296 12115.
Daily 11.30am-10.30pm.