Singapore will proudly host one of the largest transportation events in the world, the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Congress, in 2019. The event, held every year since 1994, is a platform for governments, companies, and academic/research institutions to share the latest global ITS products, services, and upcoming trends. The Congress is expected to attract at least 8,000 participants, with roughly 5,000 flying in from all over the world, to discuss the world’s most important transport issues.

The ITS World Congress focuses on the application of technology across an extensive range of travel modes to enhance road and rail management which assure road users of their safety, comfort and efficiency of travel. Past congresses have covered topics such as resilient transport systems to withstand emergency situations, intermodal and multimodal systems, lower-emission mobility, and efficient transport planning for mega cities. The topics covered are pertinent to land-scarce Singapore as ITS is the core enabler for sophisticated traffic and control systems which allow us to maximise our road network efficiency and optimise the use of our land capacity.