How Singapore stood out against the competition

There were two main factors why Singapore stood out against the competition. Firstly, the seamless co-location of conferences that complement each other, so delegates have the advantage of attending different conferences in one city. CLEO PR 2017 will be co-located with two other conferences in 2017: Global Photonics Conference @Singapore 2017 and OptoElectronics and Communications Conference 2017. As of this writing, Professor Shum is looking to co-locate other conferences with the three main conferences. Secondly, the strong support from key government agencies such as STB. Professor Shum cites STB’s proactive support in helping to ensure the success of this conference.

Aside from helpful materials such as maps and welcome gifts for the delegates, STB, through the Singapore MICE Advantage Programme, an initiative developed by the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines, secured for CLEO PR a host of benefits and advantages. Some of the benefits include a welcome desk at the airport, arranged by Changi Airport to welcome and assist delegates, shopping vouchers for delegates and preferential airfare rates for delegates from Singapore Airlines as well as two to four free tickets (to support delegates with financial constraints).