Charred meaty goodness

A Chinese favourite, bakkwa is prime meat marinated in sugar, soy sauce and spices, then grilled over charcoal to charred perfection. A popular gift during Chinese New Year, when queues for it are long, it is available all year round. Ask for it to be wrapped and sealed for your journey home. Bee Cheng Hiang is one of the many established brands in Singapore. *Do check on your country's laws on bringing in food products before purchasing.

An icon for the ages

Half-lion, half-fish, the Merlion is an enduring symbol of Singapore as it reflects its fabled founding and maritime heritage. It is most famous as the statue standing guard at the mouth of the Singapore River. The icon is also widely available in the shape of souvenir items such as key chains, fridge magnets and more, and is a special memento of your time in Singapore.

Fragrant coconut jam

Kaya is an aromatic jam made from egg, coconut milk and sugar, infused with the fragrant flavours of pandan leaves. It is best eaten as a spread on toasted Hainanese bread with lashes of butter, and you can sample it at Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Killiney Kopitiam. For takeaways, you can find bottled kaya from most supermarkets and bakeries in Singapore.

Flavours that excite the senses

A must-try in Singapore's culinary offerings, laksa is a Peranakan (Straits Chinese) noodle dish with a rich, creamy and spicy coconut soup. Replicate the flavours at home with ready-to-cook laksa paste. Made from a variety of herbs and spices such as dried chillies, galangal, coriander and shrimp paste, it is a taste of Singapore that is sure to impress everyone back home.

Age-old remedies

Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed in ancient China and has been in practice for thousands of years, including in Singapore. It uses herbal medicines, acupuncture and massage therapy to prevent, diagnose and cure illnesses. Stock up on the many herbal remedies to aid in an ailment or as a preventive measure. You can find traditional Chinese medicine shops in Chinatown.

Blends for the discerning

As the tea culture takes a hold in Singapore, homegrown brands such as TWG and Gryphon have stepped in with beautifully packaged teas from around the world. Ideal gifts for the tea connoisseur or the gourmand, these luxury tea brands offer the finest tea leaves and exclusive blends to please the palate and the senses.