With a dining scene rooted in its multicultural heritage yet also renowned for innovation and fusion – Singapore is a city where passionate chefs and diners alike shape a landscape of culinary adventure.

This February, foodies from both Australia and Singapore are invited to connect over a multi-course menu inspired by the endless possibilities in Singapore.

Two chef collaborations, one savoury and one sweet, will present dishes to be savoured and shared through a world-first dining experience, that will unite the two countries in real-time.

Adam Liaw, presenter of Destination Flavour (SBS) and formerly Masterchef Australia, in collaboration with Malcolm Lee, founder of Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant, Candlenut, have teamed up to create a modern-day Hainanese Chicken Rice fusing elements of Singapore’s iconic chilli crab.

A show-stopping full-sensory dessert experience will end the night with the Shangri-La Sydney’s ‘punk princess of pastry’, Anna Polyviou and 2am:dessertbar culinary artist, Janice Wong taking inspiration from Singapore’s tropical environment with flavours such as kaya, pandan, lychees and coconut.

Sydneysiders can join Adam Liaw and Anna Polyviou while Singaporeans can join Malcolm Lee and Janice Wong for the dinner, hosted simultaneously. A series of hi-tech screens will stream the dining experience in real-time, uniting tables in both cities.

Despite the ocean between us, guests will be able to dine with like-minded new friends who share a passion for food.

Fill in a short questionnaire for your chance to attend the dinner.  

Sydneysiders register here. Entries close: Tuesday 13th February 2018.
Singapore residents register here. Entries close: Friday 9th February 2018.