Foodies rejoice! Bring your friends, family, and most importantly, a big appetite with you on a culinary journey at one of the world’s best food festivals, Savour. Expect to enjoy a plethora of award-winning signature dishes by top restaurants from Singapore and the world over, all at one gastronomic extravaganza.

Savour this
Go on a culinary journey at one of the region's best food festivals - Savour.

In 2016, the festival grew to feature not just one, but three exciting culinary events at its new waterfront home at Marina Bay — Savour Gourmet, Savour Wines and Savour Christmas.

The 2016 edition of Savour Gourmet saw a 22,000-square-foot Gourmet Market serving up over 50 signature dishes by award-winning restaurants, with exclusive dishes starting from as low as SGD 6. Savour Wines added on hundreds of wines from around the world to the Savour experience in the form of a Wine Market, while Savour Christmas saw top restaurants whipping up holiday dishes in a great Christmas feast.

Star power
Don't miss the gourmet market and special events held at Savour Food Festival in Singapore.

The Savour food festival brings together renowned international chefs and our favourite local restauranteurs for an unmatched gastronomic experience. Big names that have made appearances at Savour include Australia’s Mark Best, Hong Kong Michelin maestro Alvin Leung and French chef Alain Passard.

As for local culinary heroes, Bjorn Shen of Artichoke, Malcolm Lee of Candlenut, and Han Liguang of Labyrinth are among those who have showcased their culinary prowess at Savour.

Savour also presents the Live Your Dream initiative, which aims to discover the next generation of master chefs in Singapore. The year-long competition involves home-grown culinary superstars showcasing their dishes at Savour, and sees these chefs battling it out through the semi-final rounds at the first two editions of Savour — Savour Gourmet and Savour Wines.

The competition then culminates in a grand final at Savour’s final instalment of the year, Savour Christmas.

Special events

Sip on any wine of your choice at Savour Wines’ wine market (which brings in over 400 different wine labels — talk about being spoiled for choice), or snack on holiday treats such as London roast duck, Lavender ice cream, turkeys and hams at Savour Christmas’ Christmas Market, which also features a ‘live’ indoor Christmas tree for that extra festive pizzazz.

Feasting’s not the only thing you can do at Savour. Budding kitchen maestros can get up close and personal with their favourite celebrity chefs when they attend hands-on masterclasses.

You can also pick up a handy trick or two from Savour’s array of live demonstrations and culinary workshops. Entry to Savour is free — visitors just need to pay for their purchases, with most dishes being priced between SGD 6 and SGD 12.

The festival is a held at Bayfront Avenue, next to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, with Savour Gourmet happening mid-year, followed by Savour Wines, and Savour Christmas wrapping up the year in the holiday season. Visit Savour’s official website for dates and more information.