As crowds of Pokémon trainers trawl the island in the great Pokémon hunt, be sure to catch a snapshot or two of Singapore’s very best scenic destinations.

1 The Southern Ridges

With this sprawling trail stretching over ten kilometres, there’s no question you’ll fill your Pokédex rapidly as you meander through scenic parks, gardens and nature hotspots along the southern side of the island.

Start your hunt at the beautifully curated HortPark, which boasts themed gardens and landscape designs that’ll be the perfect backdrop for catching that Bulbasaur.

Then, walk through the trees at the Forest Walk, where the raised walkway gives you a bird’s-eye view of Telok Blangah Hill Park’s canopy — and maybe a wild Spearow.

Head on over to Henderson Waves bridge, where its undulating twists coupled with lush greenery make for a great photo-op.

Finally, take up the challenge to be the very best and hike up to the highest point in the park, Faber Point. There, you’ll truly be on top of the world as you battle at the PokéGym that is the 3-metre-tall polymarble Merlion statue.

Pokémon to catch: Goldeen, Clefairy, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Spearow 

Pokéstops: 2 Pokéstops in HortPark, 16 along the Forest Walk, 8 along Hilltop Walk, 6 at Henderson Waves and 10 at Mount Faber

PokéGyms: Henderson Waves, the Merlion at Faber Point, Alexandra Arch (right at the start of the Forest Walk), Three Tiers Fountain and Garden Mural in HortPark

2 MacRitchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park

Step away from the hustle and bustle of city life at one of Singapore’s most popular green destinations, MacRitchie Reservoir. Take in the breathtaking views of one of the country’s oldest and largest reservoirs — think endless waters and a jungle of flora and fauna.

As you amble along the boardwalks, spot long-tailed macaques and monitor lizards, or catch a Horsea or Tentacruel in the waters. Kill two Pidgeys with one stone, too, by getting in some exercise and clocking up kilometres on those egg incubators by running on one of MacRitchie’s many nature trails.

Pokémon to catch: Golduck, Tentacruel, Meowth, Psyduck, Magikarp, Horsea, Staryu, Clefairy

Pokéstops: 43 around MacRitchie Reservoir

PokéGyms: MacRitchie entrance, the MacRitchie Reservoir ZigZag Bridge, Lord of the Skies Board

3 National Gallery Singapore

All you culture vultures, head down to the National Gallery Singapore, home to the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Occupying two former national landmarks, the former Supreme Court and City Hall, the museum itself is all high ceilings, gorgeous architectural details and sun-lit hallways — all the better to frame that majestic Growlithe roaming around.

You, too, can roam through ten galleries which house over 8,000 pieces of art — you might just be rewarded with the discovery of a rare painting (or Pokémon).

Pokémon to catch: Geodude, Nidoran, Nidoran, Growlithe, Golbat, Zubat, Krabby, Exeggcute, Psyduck, Slowpoke

Pokéstops: Supreme Court Wing of the National Gallery, Music Mural in the Adelphi, St Andrews Cathedral, Parliament House and Elephant Monument at The Arts House

PokéGyms: Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, CHIJMES, War Memorial Park

4 Singapore Zoo

Take a walk on the wild side at The Singapore Zoological Gardens. This 28-hectare habitat is home to over 3,000 animals (and a rich variety of Pokémon). Take in the lush landscapes of the Fragile Forest, where you can get a picture or two with the resident lemurs and butterflies.

Or get a slice of the tropical African savannah when you swing by the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, home to baboons, mongooses and the occasional Eevee. For the weary Pokémon trainers among us, hop aboard a tram tour for a fast track to your next Pokéstop while you get a comprehensive guided journey through the zoo’s major attractions.

Pokémon to catch: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Poliwag, Dratini, Eevee, Pinsir, Spearow, Oddish

Pokéstops: Over 50 Pokéstops within the Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari

PokéGyms: The Giant Bass and the Giant Panda Courtyard at the River Safari, the Nutmeg Sculpture at the Zoo (near the Tropical Crops), and the Porcupine Pit at the Night Safari

5 Marina Bay

Revel in the bright city lights with Marina Bay’s spectacular night views. Crystal pavilions, architectural icons and imposing skyscrapers dominate the cityscape, so get your lens out and take a snapshot of panoramic views straight out of a postcard.

Catch yourself a Dratini or a Staryu by the bay, too, while waiting for Marina Bay Sand’s evening light shows — a mesmerising display of sound and light as electric lights and laser effects shimmer over the waterfront.

Finally, stop by the iconic Merlion at the Merlion Park for a must-have photo moment and a chance to test your grit at its Pokégym.

Pokémon to catch: Dratini, Magikarp, Slowpoke, Psyduck, Zubat, Poliwag, Staryu

Pokéstops: Over 12 Pokéstops along the Marina Bay Sands waterfront, such as the floating Louis Vuitton building and One Fullerton

PokéGym: The Merlion

Note: Safety comes first! Please stay aware of your surroundings when playing Pokémon Go.