Chef owner of Tippling Club in Tanjong Pagar, Ryan Clift tells us where to eat crab and how jazzed he is on being named Krug’s latest Ambassade.

Dempsey Hill was a great location for my first restaurant, and now I have a little passion project there, a ‘farm’ growing herbs to service my kitchen. It’s also where I take visiting friends for Singapore’s best crabs – Long Beach at Dempsey Hill.

Modern gastronomy is about real food and mad science that honours ingredients first, then taste, texture, temperature, smell, and sound.

A private dining room is a must in this country. Bin 38 at Tippling Club was designed for diners looking for the ultimate exclusive dining experience in Asia. Singapore is still new in terms of high end dining but the scene is growing so we’re all in for a treat over the next few years.

Pleasure beyond perfection is a term you understand when you pair a Krug 2003 with Snow Crab, liquid onion rings and chive yoghurt, if I say so myself! We’re utterly humbled to be in the company of London’s Fat Duck and Mégève’s Flocon de Sel, as Krug’s Ambassade to Singapore.

I’m impressed at how Singapore has managed to maintain its food DNA amidst massive advancements and a booming tourism industry. The roti prata (South Indian flat bread) and murtabak (South Indian flat bread with mincemeat filling) at Adam Road Food Centre is amazing for supper (they are open past 2am), and even better with a skin full!

Tippling Club, 38 Tanjong Pagar Road
(65) 6475 2217
Neareast MRT: Tanjong Pagar


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